And so the psychobabble begins

I’ve been doing the blog stuff for a long time. I’ve used Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, and currently have a couple Tumblr blogs. The thing is with the blogging I’ve always felt a need or ‘pressure’ to keep it on a general theme overall.

For example I enjoy spending leisure time in the virtual world called “Second Life”, which is an exploratorium unlike anything else I’ve found. So I’d try to write posts regarding what I’ve seen and things I’ve done in there. By why? There are literally (I know what “literally actually means, Mr. Biden) hundreds of blogs dedicated to goings-on in Second Life and it’s exploration or other news. But furthermore, I limit my audience to that specific group of people, and it’s difficult to come-up with interesting stories often.

Then I had the requisite journal, but then I discovered I was pouring it out, not really wanting to unleash my craziness on the good public at large, scaring people away. I like Tumblr, which “they” (whomever “they” are) call a “microblogging” service. It’s barely social at all, but makes it easy to blast away at sharing things like pictures and videos and, what everyone seems to always be doing, “reflagging” everyone else’s stuff. It made me intellectually lazy.

Twitter is kind of fun, but it’s become convoluted and feels almost like a waste of time. I’ve used a service that checks your followers to give a count how many are “bots”. I have 183 followers as of this writing and only five of them are bots. The rest are supposedly warm bodies with a brain. However, I suspect of the 178 human followers I have, 170 of them are “dead” accounts. Abandoned and laying dormant.

So I discovered, a Twitter competitor that costs about $3 a month and decided to give it a go. Wow! I love It’s full of real people and most content happening there are discussions. Not short little quips people are hoping becomes retweeted, but real discussions. Nothing too heavy or deep, but friendly, fun, informative stuff.

It got me interested in writing again, blogging.

So here I am. But this time I’m not going to pidgin-hole myself into some specific theme or genre. This is just a personal soapbox for myself. And I really don;t expect anyone to find it and if they do, to actually read any of it, and if they do, to keep returning. I don’t care. This is for me.

So I expect to post my thoughts on Second Life in general, real world politics, the stupid crap I see people do, and hopefully a few positive things I see and experience, though those seem to occur less often these days.

Anyway, if you do find this wacko-psycho-ranting-bitch-blog sometimes and have a little difficulty figuring out what I’m speaking on this week, I hope you get a kick out of it and know: you risk irreversible intellectual injury by coming here. So how about we go postal together, then we’ll be the normal ones and everyone else can kiss our derrieres?

Why "Thought Strumpet"? Because “Opinion Whore” doesn’t sound right even if it’s truth. This is my first post to this blog. The psychobabble begins!