Why I’m choosing the other guy.

The people of the United States have never been so passionately divided as they are now. Surely many politicians through history have tried to drive that wedge into the heart of the country, but it is the instant news of today’s Internet and social media the fuels the flames to which they have set a match.

Anyone who removes their rose-tinted glasses can plainly see the so-called big news media have an agenda and are clearly in favor of where the current presidential administration is trying to take the country. There is no bi-partisan balanced reporting. Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave.

But here’s what I see: I don’t care how much money the rich people are making, only that I have a fair chance at making as much as they do. But the government has regulated the population out of that possibility. I don’t care how much tax the rich people pay, other than the money they are forced to give to the government being the money they aren’t spending on me, through my workplace or pay raises or what-have-you. It’s money being sucked out of the economy, which I rely heavily on for my own living. By taxing the rich, you are basically sucking my well dry, even if I make minimum wage. You are trying to get me on welfare, so that you become the dictator state and I must rely on you, which is something I dread.

I don’t dare about a lot of things that don’t affect me directly. What I do care about are those things that do affect me directly, specifically my constitutional rights and freedoms.

I don’t think the government should be throwing money at any company, I don’t care if it’s Public Broadcasting Service or Planned Parenthood or the National Endowment for the Arts and so many other wasteful expenditures. If people support these organizations they will give their own money directly. I do agree that the government should fund programs, regardless of the organizations that run them. This way there is direct continuing control over those funds.

I also believe we have a spending problem, not a funding problem. Stop asking how to “pay for tax breaks”. You don’t pay for those. What you should do is spend less. It’s that simple. It’s my money, you’re thieving it from me. yes: thieving it.

I do believe the government under the current administration is overreaching it’s constitutional authority, through illegal search and seizure, through compelled non-intersate commerce, through interfering with private corporations where it has no legal right.

Or perhaps I should say: it uses legal loopholes to do these things.

Mister Onama and Mister Romney: do not tell me who I should vote against. I’m tired of hating. Tell me, rather, why I should vote for you. Give me something positive to believe in.

I believe Romney has been doing exactly that: promoting a positive message. Something to look forward to, real hope with specifics on how to achieve it. Obama professes hope and change. But he generalizes, he’s saying the exact same things he said four years ago and practically every message is a negative one - except for the generalization of “hope” and “change”. Hope for what, exactly? Change to what, exactly? If the kool-aid drinkers would actually open their eyes I believe they’d be messing their pants.

I’m sorry, Mister President, but the changes you have introduced in the last four years are killing me. Slowly. I believe the government’s job is to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, not to promise health care to every single citizen, or to promise free contraception to every woman so she can have her promiscuous recreational sex on the tax-payer’s dime and not to decide what is and isn;t “art”.

You were strong and firm when it came to demanding red-tape be eliminated when helping hurricane relief, but where were you on the whole Benghazi ordeal? Even if what you say is true: That you reacted only on the information you had, what idiot presumes a protest over a stupid video rather than automatically assuming a terrorist action on the anniversary of the biggest blow to America since Pearl Harbor? The information coming out now strikes me as your actions and words are a grievous incompetence at best, outright possible treason at worst. So which is it, Mr. President?

You speak in circles, Mr.s President. You also tend to speak differently depending on who your audience is: speaking like a Red Army General to some, like the dignified statesman to others and in private? We’ve heard your private conversations, Sir, such as your calming ┬áMr. Putin of Russia about how things will be easier for you after reelection. Your socialist values are pretty clear to me.

You skirt the law and use “Executive” powers to loophole the law. Only one example are all those Czars you’ve placed into enormous power, answerable only to you. You’ve said on several occasions that Congress is an impediment to you and that you will go around them any way you can. And you have.

You also preach a lot of hate. Practically all your campaign advertisements are trying hard to get me to hate something and telling me “move forward or return to Bush policies that got us here”. Frankly I’d like to return to where we were: lower taxes, more freedoms, and the government wasn’t so heavy on our private backs.

However, in the context of your statements there is a serious misnomer: we can’t return to the “Bush” policies because President Bush isn’t running for reelection, you are.

Mr. Romney is Mr. Romney, not George Bush and just as we could’t tell what you were really planning to do once in office four years ago, neither can we tell what Mr.s Romney will do. But one thing is for sure: he isn’t George Bush.

We do know what you’ve done the last four years. So drastic and overbearing were your changes that we now understand why you were so evasive and vague back then, as you are now. Mr. Romney, on the other hand, is giving specifics, where you never have and still don’t. You are a Marxist, Mr. Obama: redistribution of wealth and cultural division are the top two steps of Marxism. And that’s you, by your own words, openly.

I’m sorry, Mr. Obama. It was fun while it lasted. Not.

I’m trying hard not to whine as I got what I voted for the last time around. I just thought you should know I’ve changed my mind this time around. You know how it goes: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice and shame on me,

I like firing people, Mr. Obama. From where I stand: you’re fired.