When my Twitter “friends” call me elitest.

Google still tries too hard catch-up to FaceBook, which seems to be taking a lot of missteps all over the place. FaceBook is so large with a bazillion users (read: accounts,) how many of which are actually active being a mystery, is the household name that causes eyeballs to roll instinctively.

The other “big social network” of common reference is Twitter. Which is more or less a polar opposite in terms of what it is and how it’s used. Because of these diametric use-cases most “FaceBook people” aren’t “Twitter people” and vice-versa.

I am among the majority of FaceBook account-holders who never use FaceBook. It’s safer to just not use it than to make any feeble attempt at locking-down privacy options. But not only this, I really like the short-burst commentary and fluid nature of Twitter compared to the boring content that keeps showing up on my wall - and that can somehow be directly linked to and haunt me later in life. Hence the FaceBook lockdown and all-but-abandonment.

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