Loud-mouthed atheist groups are bastardizing the U.S. Constitution

I have no issues with anyone calling themselves “atheist” at all. I think of myself as more agnostic than outright religious. However, I always find it laughable when anyone, anywhere in the United States of America ever brings-up the notion of "separation of church and state" because there is no law describing such. Yet it is this argument the extremist secular atheist groups throw out to the uneducated, uncaring society as a whole - threatening lawsuits they could never win, but society allows the brow-beating and simply steps aside rather than pressing their Constitutional right to display, for example, a Nativity Scene on a public  waterfront.

The seasonal news stories are now circulating from around the country how local governments are changing anything “Christmas” into politically correct “Holiday” (which is a truncation of Holy-Day, duh). More and more so-called religious symbols or statements are now absolutely forbidden than ever before - even if they only look like they might be religious. It’s the continuing Marxist assault on religious traditions thousands of years old.

These (usually local) governments fear the threatened law suites from extremist atheist groups, which, I have no doubt, are a ridiculously loud-mouthed-yet-tiny fraction of those calling or considering themselves agnostic or atheist. I certainly disagree with them and would never let them  They don’t speak for me.

Here’s a tip for everyone: read the Constitution and comprehend it. Try. It’s not really very hard to do.

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