Can I get paid to complain about Android?

There are countless jokes and jibs about “girl gossip” and it can surely be a fun subject, but let me tell you something about: girl gossip: it has nothing on the tech industry. Not even close.

Based on what I’m reading it’s the “beginning of the end for the desktop personal computer” as it makes way for mobile computing devices now being the great new thing. In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s the big pundit fence divided Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh. I always thought it funny how tech pundits always compared software to hardware, but I figure it’s because the hardware on the Windows side was always a real piece of shit more often than not. It still is. Hence why even Microsoft is considering building it’s own hardware.

However, there were rarely ever a lot of rumors about what Microsoft, or any other Windows-based developer or hardware manufacturer was going to do. Mostly because they’d pre-announced a lot of their vaporware, sometimes a year or more in advance.┬áThis meant all the ‘news’ writers for the magazines (and eventually blogs) were really just opinion-throwers, save the actually useful how-to articles salt-and-peppered in.

Ever since Bill Gates ‘burned’ Steve Jobs way back when, Apple Computer (as it was called then) became hyper-super-secret about their software and hardware goings-on. They announced when they were ready to release or very shortly beforehand. So secretive is the company that when they announced, the world paid close attention and sometimes there were real stunners. Because of this there always has been a full-blown rumor industry about Apple.

There’s more if you’re a masochist and curious…