Can I tell you a Christmas story?

News reporting can be so emotionless and serious-sounding it tends to be a bit bland in my view. So I’d like to tell you a Christmas story, my way. It’s a real story, genuine and true. You can skip my version and read the stoic newspaper version through the link at the end of this post.

Her name is Brooklyn and she’s a high school senior with an idea that percolated in her head for weeks. A vague idea that turned into an all-out must-accomplish goal. Lightbulbs flashed in her head during a discussion with a classmate.

Everyone has dreams, no matter how grand or simple, a dream is a dream; it’s a big deal to see it come to fruition. Brooklyn had the crazy idea of bringing a friend’s dream into reality, but it seemed like an impossible task, until that epiphany occurred.

It was during the high school Home Coming assembly where Brooklyn was sitting with her friend Ali. Ali is a kind person, respected by everyone for the dignity she practices in approaching the challenges she faces through life.For instance Ali wrote in her blog:

"It is very difficult for me to receive blessings and attention. I would much rather give to others. It is a process to learn to receive for me and I find myself struggling at times."

Last year, Ali told her friends she didn’t want presents. Instead, she asked them to bring a few bucks to hand out randomly to people who seemed down on their luck in downtown Seattle.

The rest is here.