My Favorite Social iOS Apps

Friends on ADN ( have asked me to list my favorite iOS apps. Ugh. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I’m a self-proclaimed “App-Whore”; I love to discover new, fun apps and tend to grab as many as I can, even when they do the same things. Perhaps so others can save some money or discover new, fun apps. I’m not sure.

It’s important to understand I am not a reviewer of any sort and neither am I a technical person, but I do know what I enjoy. So here is my list of favorite apps and I’ll only give details to the App Store paid-for stuff. Okay, I’ll try to be pithy and not bore you too much, but if you bail on this post now I won’t hold it against you (well, I will, but I won;t tell you about it.) All links open in a new browser tab - not iTunes - and clicking an image will show a larger version, if that’s your thing.


Twitter: I have far too many Twitter apps. Osfoora, Echofon, Twittelator Pro (Neue is beautiful but buggy as hell), Tweetbot, Twitterrific (no longer available) and more. Most of these are pretty much defunct (no updates in ages) and part of that is probably Twitter’s apparent hostile attitude toward developers. So I was surprised to see a new version of Twitteriffic (version 5) be released. I’d given up on the others and just gone with the Official Twitter App until I grabbed Twitteriffic 5 - my new favorite. It doesn’t have all the fancy features as other apps, but I find I rarely use those at all anyway. I like the large fonts and display in Twitteriffic, so it’s my favorite and the one I use. Tweetbot is my runner-up favorite. The rest have been deleted off my iPod and relegated to the app graveyard, whose names shall forever never be mentioned again hence.

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