Happy 50 Years of Powder-keg Debate!

My View on theThe Powder Keg that is “Abortion Debate”

So it’s 50 years of “Roe vs. Wade”. Big whoop. I should say “who cares?” but obviously a lot of passionate views on the subject continue to proliferate. So I guess I’ll throw my own into the mix.¬†World-views are based on opinions and most opinions are developed through emotion. This doesn’t through logic to the way-side, rather login simply cultivates the emotion that creates the opinion.

Debates can be an emotionally volatile experience because those emotions can cloud clear-thinking. This is plainly obvious in any kind of politically charged debate, where most participants will draw a scrimmage line in the sand and proclaim one side “Democrat” and the other “Republican” or generalize them into “Liberal” and “Conservative. However, like you and everyone else in the universe except perhaps Vulcans I have one foot on each side of that scrimmage line, the only question is how much weight I favor toward each foot. In other words: nothing is ever as simple as “black or white”.

Since I may be putting my foot into my mouth I’ll just continue using the “foot” theme as I continue my rhetoric on this subject. Let’s get one thing clear here and now: you do not know me and I would never presume to know you, so let’s avoid name-calling or labeling, shall we?

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